Wednesday, 6 October 2010

fabric dyeing

Just thought i'd share my latest fabric dying adventure!
All these items were dyed with Dylon machine dye
i had bought a couple shirts because i loved the style
but they were white and i just can't do white!

i choose "burlesque red" which is more a purple/maroon colour than red really
if you've never tried them before machine dyes are really easy to use
but you do have to send your machine through several cycles
oh and don't forget the salt

along with the shirts i threw in
a couple cotton tote bags
a selection of crocheted doilies
a pair of fingerless gloves of unknown yarn
and a handful of cotton buttons {i tied them up in a bag*}

i'd assumed all the doileys were cotton
but it looks like some of them were a cotton/synthetic mix
and the gloves must have had some natural fibres too :)
i love how they all came out
and i'll be adding those doilies to tote bags anyday now

* they escaped :(

you can buy dylon dyes

or even cheaper

go to dylon's website
for more info on their products
and to find a local supplier

gratuitous button shot!


Unknown said...

Heehee! Gratuitous button shot! Teehee :oD
Great experimenting

Madam Salami said...

Oooh those colours are gorge!
I dyed my washing machine purple using dylon dyes! Oops.
Have you dyed with food colouring? It works well. x x

Vintage to Victorian said...

What a lovely colour(s), and a great idea to dye the doilies.

Mmmmm, MOP buttons ;o)))

JuanitaTortilla said...

'Oh no' about those cotton buttons. I hope they aren't lurking somewhere in / behind the machine that could cause some damage.

Lovely lot of dyed stuff!
I used to play around with Dylon dyes when I was younger. (Dyeing by hand!) But fickle me; I grew tired of one whole lot of socks and shirts of the same shade and colour! :D
That hobby didn't last long :)

Bigbluebed said...

They turned out really good. I love dyeing and look around for for all sorts of thing to chuck in too.

Anonymous said...

Wow at the lovely purple doilies. Great idea! Did you find the buttons???

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