Monday, 11 October 2010

(: Super secret trip to Cardiff :)

leaving England

he still doesn't know why we are going to Wales!

Doctor Who exhibition Cardiff

a bit star struck!

clockwork droid


"who turned out the lights"


Army Dalek & me and the boy!

Looking handsome :D

a shrine to Ianto Jones of Torchwood
which is a bit freaky
he didn't "really" die people!

i loved this gorgeous sculpture

Torchwood entrance/exit by night

My son is a complete Doctor Who nerd {which is good as i can pretend that's why i watch it all the time and know more Doctor Who facts than is really necessary} and i've wanted to take him up to see the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff for some time but when MeridianAriel and her family went recently i was really jealous which spurred me on!

We had a really great time :)
The boy was so happy when he realised why we had gone!
We stayed in a nice Hotel and really enjoyed the break,
it was also the first time i've left my daughter to fend for herself and the animals
so we were very relieved to return home
to the house just as we had left it!

I'm really enjoying my kids at these ages
my daughter just entering adulthood and deciding what she wants to do with her life
and my son really finding his feet at school and full of excitement about the world
happy days


toady said...

So you didn't go to Ikea then??

I'd love to have seen his face, bless him.

Unknown said...

Lucky boy! Looks like you had a fab time, and what a well behaved daughter you have... a very lucky mum indeed! x

Bigbluebed said...

Ooh how exciting. I bet you BOTH had a wonderful time.

What a lovely suprise for your boy.

Local Girl said...

That looks like so much fun, I'd...I mean my daughter would love to go and see that :) Glad you both had such a great time.

Annie B said...

ooooh, my gals (and me ;-) ) would LOVE this!!!

Anonymous said...

So jealous! Looks like you both had a great day. Thanks for sharing.