Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Halloween swap - what i sent

so here is what i sent to MeridianAriel

Determined to squeeze everything into this box!!!

this is the first thing i made and to be honest i could've/wanted to do more to it but as usual i was working up to and ignoring my deadline!

portable spell set
"spells on the go - for today's busy witch"

i have to be honest here i wanted to keep this
so i'm on the look out for more of these
antique doll heads!

i needle-felted into her brain/neck cavity

to make a voodoo pin cushion!

: spell set contents :
voodoo headache inducer
6. captive snail on a bed of {needle-felted} moss for all your snail slime needs!

13. seeds of hate {or seeds of doubt}

3. captive spider in her web
{deadly keep secure in jar}

i borrowed a set of fantastic
metal/leather work stamps
to brand the leather labels and box
bang bang

leather owl on a branch brooch

halloween haberdashery

~sweet treats~
coconut mushrooms
coffee fudge {Meri is a coffee ADDICT}

pontefract cakes

i loved doing this swap

Meri is muttering about organising a Tim Burton/Neil Gaiman themed swap next i am soooooooo up for that!

keep your eyes peeled for more details on Meri's blog here


Vonnie said...

Lucky Apryl! You did a great job, vV xx

Bigbluebed said...

What a wonderful swap.
I love the little head pin cushion.

Suzanne Vaughan said...

That is so fab!

Creative Colloquy said...

really love this!

dandelion said...

wow I love that pin cushion, what a great swap and I love your blog too

Kate x

garment labels said...

These are nice and cool pieces you have here. The woven materials are so cute. Great job!