Friday, 8 October 2010

thrifty delights

my heart skipped a beat when i spied this box
in my favourite charity shop earlier this week

ooh a little red riding hood option


an absolutely perfect pedigree patch doll!

next thrifty find was a
a truely fantastic coat
shame i'm too "rounded" for it!

i'm thinking this is rather steam-punky

and could be made more so with a change of buttons
and maybe some victorian black lace added

last but not least
a very sweet vintage Sindy

she has seen better days to be honest
has been to a rather scissor happy hairdresser
and has nibbled feet and a snapped knee

but she's very pretty
and i'm guessing she was a ballerina Sindy
as she is elastic strung


some excellent finds this week
what did you thrift this week?


Jackdaw Jayne Studios said...

That coat is amazing and does look Steampunk-ish! Love thrifty buys, looks like you got some great items there! x

Anonymous said...

Wow what great finds! I love love love that Patch doll - fabulous. I got some Enid Blyton hardbacks this week - but sadly for my little boy, not me.. :( (altho' I might take a peek).

Rev Jayne said...

Hi, would you be willing to sell the patch doll please? I've been searching endlessly to find one in good condition for a friend. Please let me know. blessings to you Rev Jayne